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VIC Group of Companies participated in a business trip to the Bioveta head office in Ivanovice-on-Gan (Czech Republic), which was held on February 10-14. VIC Group is the official supplier of the Bioveta products, the largest producer of veterinary, immunobiological and pharmaceutical preparations in Czech Republic.

Within the event framework, negotiations were held between company representatives and key experts with a discussion of interaction and consultation issues on the products of Bioveta. Participants also examined production lines for the drugs manufacturing. On the enterprise territory, VIC Group conducted a seminar “Topical Issues of Prevention, Treatment, Management and Feeding in Industrial Livestock”, at which the Voronezh branch head Natalya Obryvkova made a number of presentations. During the seminar, the participants, in particular, discussed the safe use of antibiotics, some aspects of new technologies in animal identification, risk factors in certain reproductive cycle phases in milkers and the milk and dairy products market in Russia.


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